About GRP

Global Research Publication (GRP) is a leading academic publishing house dedicated to fostering intellectual exchange and advancing knowledge across various disciplines. With a commitment to promoting high-quality research, GRP hosts three distinguished journals that cater to the fields of Social Science and Humanity, Multidisciplinary Studies, and Medical Science and Pharmaceuticals. These journals provide a platform for researchers, scholars, and professionals worldwide to disseminate their groundbreaking contributions and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

Publication Related Details

  • Rigorous Peer Review: All submissions undergo a thorough peer-review process conducted by experts in the respective fields to ensure the highest quality standards.
  • Open Access: GRP is committed to making knowledge freely accessible. All three journals follow an open-access model, allowing researchers and the public to benefit from the latest research without barriers.
  • Global Collaboration: With an international editorial board and contributors from diverse backgrounds, GRP journals promote global collaboration, enriching the content with a variety of perspectives.
  • Timely Publications: GRP is dedicated to efficient and timely publication to ensure that valuable research reaches the academic community and the public promptly.